Clean Water

The LBE clean water division provides clients with technical knowledge in design, supply, installation, service, maintenance, and repair of dosing equipment, chemical handling, automation, SCADA and a whole host of clean water associated plant and equipment, with years of disinfection know-how our engineers keep the water clean, safe and moving.

Waste Water

To complement our clean water division’s technical abilities, the LBE Ltd wastewater division carries out the same services with the added benefit of years of experience in wastewater handling, process, and treatment, whilst maintaining the relevant accreditations across our group, our engineers are competent to assist with work from inlet to cake whilst working alongside our Biogas division for that intermediate process.



Meeting the requirements of various regulations is one thing, meeting our obligations to our environment is another, Biosafe, the LBE Ltd Biogas division was set up to assist clients to meet their obligations whilst maintaining the safe plant, however, the division has developed at an alarming rate proving the need for service and maintenance provided by a trusted and well-established provider is required across the country and even overseas, to see our research and development, our services and how these services help meet statutory requirements whilst future-proofing your plant in readiness for regulations which will come into force in the future,